Episode 25: Cabo Wabo


Special guest Eric Senich from the Van Halen News Desk and the Booked On Rock Podcast calls his shot and gets the Sammy song he wanted, 1988’s “Cabo Wabo”!  Plus the one and only Michael Anthony recorded a bit for our intro and we hear what Eric would have voted for last week’s song, “How Many Say I”…this is one show you won’t want to miss!

You can follow the Van Halen News Desk at vhnd.com and @vanhalennews on Twitter and you can catch Eric on The Booked On Rock Podcast at bookedonrock.com and @bookedonrock on Twitter.

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One thought on “Episode 25: Cabo Wabo

  1. Great song and great show fellas! Eric was an awesome guest! I too, have a library of Van Halen magazines, books (some signed!), bootlegs, and am a sick VH fan! Eddie totally changed the way I played guitar. Anyone listening really close to his playing can appreciate the organic authenticity of his dynamics. He taught me to treat the guitar as a functioning organ and it works! Anyway, I look forward to your show every week now here on Vancouver Island! Godspeed gentlemen and “Stay Frosty”!


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